Capias Warrants

A Capias is a civil arrest warrant issued against a person who fails to appear in court or comply with a court order in a civil lawsuit, small claims action, probate and family court matter or other civil court action. The capias is given to the plaintiff to arrange service with a constable. The Capias authorizes the constable to compel the person to appear in court either voluntarily or under arrest, if necessary, in order to answer to his/her alleged contempt.

We provide two types of service on Capias Warrants:

Voluntary Appearance: This is where we attempt to contact the defendant (via phone, email, text, mail a letter, etc.) and arrange for a mutually agreeable date/time for appearance at the court which has issued to the Capias, to answer for their contempt. Plaintiff’s MUST be also be available on the date/time agreed upon so they may appear to represent their case. We usually attempt this step first.

Physical Arrest: This is where we go out and physically arrest a defendant and bring them before the court which issued the Capias. This is an option for those people who intentionally disregard their court orders, or simply just do not respond to our attempts to contact them.

The plaintiff is initially held responsible for payment up front for these services, howeveronce the defendant is in court, the plaintiff can ask the Judge/clerk to add the amount that was paid onto the judgment total. 

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